The Creative Fold is a team of problem solvers. From high-level strategy to fine tuning details, we have in-depth experience solving challenges of all shapes and sizes.


Systems / Operations
Digital File Organization
Org Chart Development
Cloud Tools Implementation
Growth Strategy
Project Management

Design & Development

Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design & Hosting
App Design / Development
Industrial Design
Digital Design
Marketing Collateral


User Experience Testing
Prototype Functionality
Package Design Feedback
Competitive Landscape Analysis
IP & Licensing Research
Business Growth Research

Product Development

PD Project Management
Package & Industrial Design
Timeline Management
Prototypes & Tradeshow Mockups
Inventor Product Pitches
Product Photography
Sale Rep & Distributor Referrals


Materials & Component Sourcing
Factory Appraisals & Introductions
Manufacturing Guidance / Scheduling
Safety Compliance
Custom Promotional Products
Customs & Logistics


Onsite Management
Pre-Event Operations
Venue Evaluation & Price Negotiations
Contractor Management
Registration / Ticketing
Branded Swag & Signage Design
Event Photography